How is the breakfast of a “third rate” blogger? …with pancakes!

15 Feb

Some nights ago I was wandering through the web and… what I saw? A tempting and steaming (even through the display) pancake, a never missing sweetcake of a typical american breakfast! What a desire and what a languor!
Well, if it had not been almost one o’clock (in the night, obviously) I would have run for the kitchen, flying on the wings of gluttony, to cook them.
So the next morning, with the recipe found on internet, I made pancakes filling the kitchen and the home of their good sweet scent. Finally I have to add ’cause I really was so curious to know what taste they had!
Through American movies and TV shows we all have learned that American people garnish pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream and whatever else, but, despite being curious of the cooking traditions of all countries , I always remain ITALIAN!

And so I spread my pancakes with Nutella ( yeah! πŸ˜› ) and a sprinkling of powdered sugar, accompanied by a warm cappuccino!
I think I’m gonna mollycoddle myself tomorrow morning too!
Anybody that wants the recipe? πŸ˜‰

“Yin Yang” crochet tubular necklaces

6 Feb
One of my first products: wool tubular necklaces
that can be worn separately or together tied with a square knot (or reef knot)
in a combination that I named “Yin Yang“!
Like in the chinese philosophy where
yin symbolizes the shady side of the hill while yang symbolizes the sunny side of the hill,
the opposites in a perfect balance,
even my two necklaces are knotted in a tubular balance adorning our neck beautifully!
What do you think about? I have to confess that I really like my idea because it allows to have 3 necklaces combination in 1!
I think I’m gonna crochet this model in other colour combinations… πŸ˜‰
Please, leave your comment or contact me for any question or request, it will be very appreciated.
(P.S.: a special and loving thanks to my affectionately top-mom-model “Evangelista” for her participation in pictures and not only!)
only Yin – only Yang
“Yin Yang” knot!

Snow on Vesuvius!

4 Feb

Brrrr, how is cold… even here in the “not-so-sunny” Naples!
Skiing on Vesuvius?

Crochet heart charm for my cell phone!

30 Jan

Could not have a cell phone charm by crochet???

Here it is my soft crochet heart made of blue wool for my cell phone…

Coloured tiny crochet balls

29 Jan

My coloured, tiny and soft cotton balls by crochet… my speciality!

What would I do with them? A necklace or a bracelet?

Colour combinations

28 Jan

If you are in need of a colours match combinations here it is my favourite site for colours inspirations and trends.

Here some lovely palettes…

Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers

Wool hearts

30 Dec

Wool hearts by crochet:…

I’ve used them as decoration for my Xmas gifts!